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About The Mutual Fund Investor

The Mutual Fund Investor is software program designed to help you
  • decide on which mutual funds to invest,
  • decide when to buy or sell a mutual fund, and
  • easily keep track of investment records and the funds you are watching.

    The features of the program emphasize mutual funds, but any market index or security with a closing price may be entered into the program. This program strives for simplicity.  It is for the individual investor or financial planner who seeks to make more money with a minimum of trouble and who seeks an easy method for keeping records combined with powerful reporting capabilities.

    The program consists of a Master List of securities and a Portfolio Directory.  You may add and modify the Master List and Portfolio Directory over time.  The Master List keeps track of the securities or indices you want to watch or invest in.  The Portfolio Directory keeps track of the people or legal entities that have transactions associated with entries on the Master List.  From the Master List, you may display graphs (charts), display reports, enter prices and enter transactions for certain portfolios.  From the Portfolio Directory, you may generate reports summarizing or analyzing the effect of your investments.